Are you looking for an Anatomy in Motion experience in Bristol?

What is Anatomy in Motion? I met Gary Ward, Author of What the Foot, and who was famously seen on BBC’s Dr in the House nearly 5 years ago. Anatomy in Motion changed how I now view the body and how I treat my clients. Coming from a sports massage, personal training, running coaching and rehabilitation background, I thought I had a good knowledge base to help my clients. But after meeting Gary Ward and learning his philosophy and how he treats the human body I now go often go against conventional methods of treating pain and injuries which involve generic exercises and stretching – which often lead to slow recovery, in some cases – no recovery!

I am also a highly qualified sports massage therapist and master run coach in Bristol.



Move Well

Injury rehabilitation / Anatomy in Motion

Fed up of being told to stretch this or strengthen that? Do you feel like people treat your symptoms that just keep returning? Have you lost hope that there is no solution to your problem? Is your body screaming out for change?

I hear you! That’s why I’ve trained in a number of forward thinking therapies to help you move out of pain and injury faster. Pain is a terrible indicator of where the problem is. The body has to be treated as a whole otherwise you will never find a solution.

The first time I see someone, I need to do a thorough assessment including a walking gait analysis. I then map your skeleton in how it likes to rest and then I watch it move. From all this information, we have a map of what your body can and can’t do. The beginning of your journey to moving yourself out of pain.

Then, we can begin the process of putting back the movement that is missing using movement that is specific to your body. Change can happen quickly or change can take time – but ideally, when assessing the whole system, this brings alive a huge amount of body awareness. Using this awareness is where the magic happens.

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Running Coaching Bristol

Has running become EFFORT-FULL rather then EFFORT-LESS?

Are you new to running and have become injured before you’ve even started?!

Or do you want to just be able to reach 5k or 10k without it seeming like a marathon?

Is pain or injury hampering your running?

Are you stuck in the same routine of running the same route, the same length of time, the same distance and feel like you are getting nowhere fast.

You are not alone.

This happens to loads of us.

But we can get out of this cycle by making changes to how we approach running. Mix up the training. Add some fun, dynamic drills that you can do at home in short spaces of time to gain more access to movement potential in our joints and muscles.

Improving the capacity to move better and learn a few running techniques will ultimately take you to the next level of running. Running that feels like ease.

I will teach you as much as I can over 12 weeks. 4 x 1 hour sessions a month with homework! And of course I am always on hand to help when you need it. Cost is £180 per month.

Learn what it feels like to really connect with how your body moves and what movements its craving for and see how that plays out when you run.

I trained as Master Run Coach with the London School of Running about 6 years ago. I wanted to learn how to run more efficiently and also understand more about running biomechanics and gait analysis. I now train individuals or groups to help them get the most of out of their running experience.

Running doesn’t need to be effort-full. Running can be effort-less when you understand the fundamentals of human movement.

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Sports Massage, Southville Bristol

Qualified to the highest level and with nearly 10 years of experience – sports massage is essential if training for an event or simply just for me to explore which areas of your body are under tension to help guide you into what movement your body is screaming out for.

Sports massage is not just for ‘sporty’ people. Hands on touch benefits everyone. For more information, don’t hesitate to message me.

Running club discounts apply.