Sally Trussler at Work

My mission is simple: To empower people to live beyond pain and move with freedom I want to take you on a journey around your body, to show you how to learn from it and be alert to when it is giving you signals asking…

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"I can only describe my session for my knee and shoulder injury with Sally as ‘Premier League’ treatment. Unfortunately my treatment with the NHS was more like ‘Vauxhall League’ treatment."

Jonathan Davies, Architect, Bristol

Sally Trussler at Play

An obsession with mountain biking and running, led Sally to an interest in how the body works, initially through sports massage, personal training, running coaching and now in specialist musculo-skeletal practices such as AIM (Anatomy in Motion) and NKT (Neuro Kinetic Therapy).

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"Sally's non-conventional approach was a breath of fresh air - finally someone who paid attention to my old injuries rather then treating my nagging symptoms!"

Kelly Dean, Runner, Bristol