My mission is simple: To empower people to live beyond pain and move with freedom

I want to take you on a journey around your body, to show you how to learn from it and be alert to when it is giving you signals asking for change.  These signals come in many forms, aches, pains, tightness, unstableness, weakness, fatigue, heightened emotions, stomach aches… Often we ignore these signals, until the body has no option but to protect us by shutting down, stopping you doing simple day to day activities – walking the dog, going for a run, bending down to put your shoes on…..

I want to raise your awareness of movement in your body,  to observe how things rotate, maybe one way and not the other, how your body likes bending to the left but not the right, how your shoes wear out on one side only.  These signs are your body’s way of telling you what it can and can’t do. Although the body is a highly complex piece of engineering, discovering what moves and what doesn’t is more simple than you’d think.  Everyone can learn how to assess themselves and make improvements, which could save you a whole lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It’s no causal promise. I am here to make the complex, simple. By helping you understand WHERE pain comes from, WHY pain has happened and I will teach you HOW to move beyond it.

I want to give you back your freedom to move well again, to give you confidence to make changes to your own body and most of all, to believe in yourself.