My main passion has always been mountain biking and trail running. I’ve been mad keen on biking ever since I lived in Whistler, Canada many years ago! Fundamentally I love being outdoors. I also like to push myself and my body and over the past few years, me and my husband have taken part in numerous adventure races across the UK.

Now, most of our mountain life is spent in a beautiful village in Italy called Molini Di Triora in the beautiful Valley Argentina… its a truly magical place. We are lucky to spend a few months of the year in this village – which we now call our second home!

Trail running is also something I’ve done for a long time – and have taken part in various races over the years. Again, its about the freedom of being outdoors and getting finding trails in the woods – much more preferable to me then pounding the pavements!

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of injuries – people think that because I know a lot about movement, that I don’t get injured – nothing could be further from the truth. Every therapist, pilates, yoga teacher I know experiences aches and pains. But maybe how I go about treating my body is quite different to what you might expect. I don’t spend hours stretching a day, I don’t do any specific ‘strength work’. I just listen, observe and know my body well. I know my injury history well. I know how to assess how my joints. If our joints can move, muscles are happy. A very clever guy once told me ‘joints act, muscles REact’.

My aim with treating anyone is to help them understand their bodies better. Once we can start ‘noticing’ stuff – life becomes so much easier – we can stop chasing pain and ‘treating symptoms’ – instead, we can look at the bigger picture to what is going on.

‘Pain is a terrible indicator of where the problem is’ – another clever guy once told me 🙂