Online Assessments

How does this work?

I’ve been assessing movement, specifically gait (how we walk and how we run) for many years. I am able to break down this complex movement pattern and show you how your body is working as a whole system and how each part is impacting on the next. An old ankle sprain may have happened many years ago, but the effects of that sprain, will be global around the body as every bone, every muscle has to accommodate for the injury.

Back problems, shoulder issues, foot pain don’t just appear from nowhere. Unless there has been a direct impact to the area, then I am not interested in treating that area. I am interested in previous impacts, surgeries, injuries that happened in the past that then has changed the way you move and left you with what you are feeling today.

So, before I see someone online, I first need as much information as possible on the consultation form which I will email to you. Secondly, I ask you to What’s App me a video of you walking in bare feet across a hardwood surface floor, walking towards and away from the camera – I need to be able to see your whole body. I also need a photo taken from the front and from the back which helps me to figure out your resting posture. From all of this, I can then assess and see what your body is doing too much of and too little of.

Online via Skype, I can then guide you into movements to help re balance and reorganise your structure so it feels more comfortable for you. Videoed homework will be provided plus also a detailed breakdown of your gait video so you are able to see how you get from your left leg to your right.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, I can assess and give you valuable information to help you move out of pain.

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