Looking to make significant changes to how your body moves?

I have created a number of programmes designed to help you get the most movement potential out of your body. Through learning and applying consistent steps – you can achieve great performance, whether that is in sport or just being able to do the things that you enjoy.


10 x 1 hour sessions

Has running become EFFORT-FULL rather then EFFORT-LESS? Is pain or injury hampering your running? Are you stuck in the same routine of running the same route, the same length of time, the same distance and feel like you are getting nowhere fast. You are not alone. This happens to loads of us. But we can get out of this cycle by making changes to how we approach running. Mix up the training. Add some fun, dynamic drills that you can do at home in short spaces of time to gain more access to movement potential in our joints and muscles. Improving the capacity to move better and learn a few running techniques will ultimately take you to the next level of running. Running that feels like ease. Learn what it feels like to really connect with how your body moves and what movements its craving for and see how that plays out when you run.

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5 X 1 hour sessions

Full body analysis from the foot to the head – no bone left unchecked! You will be assessed statically, then functionally. I will also film you walk and look at foot pressures. From all this information, we can then build a map of what your body likes to do, and doesn’t like to do. Then make a plan moving forward. Always remember, pain is a terrible indicator of where the problem is. The whole body must be assessed always. Homework will be given – each week will progress the homework and introduce more movements if necessary.

10 x 1 hour sessions

If the problem has been long standing, we need time to explore. Explore all your current movement potential and find ways of creating more. When something has become deep rooted – the key is consistency. Consistency in making space every day to move well. I truly believe that by understanding the fundamentals of human movement is the key to moving out of pain and discomfort.


If you are a run club, or a group of runners who want to know more about running biomechanics, running technique and dynamic running specific drills to help you run more efficiently – then this is the package for you. Minimum amount of people to a group is 8. Group organiser goes free.

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