We all know that sitting all day at work sucks for the body.

Most of the staff I treat in offices complain heavily on back, neck and shoulder pain.

But what can we do about this? Yes, some places have now introduced stand up desks, but anyone with a bad back or sore knees will often struggle to find this solution much of a relief.

I’ve been treating employees in office spaces for nearly 10 years. The impact for staff to have regular access to seek a bit of advice or treatment – even if just for 20 minutes can have a huge impact on how their body feels whilst spending hours and hours sat at work.

Often bringing awareness to staff about their bodies and teaching how to move well whilst sitting or standing gives them huge relief, especially if they have been suffering with chronic pain.

Sometimes massage at work, even a 20 minutes session is enough to massively reduce stress and allow staff to chill the hell out from whatever they are tensed about – hence massively improving productivity after.

‘Wellbeing’ at work has become increasingly popular and is a great perk for staff. Does this sound like something your work needs?

"I've been to loads of physios over the years for sporting injuries - mountain biking, snowboarding, running. None of them are a patch on Sally. Rather than treating the symptoms Sally focuses on the root cause to fix the problem and stop it occurring again. I would heartily recommend Sally to anyone. I'm back able to do the things I love most which is what is all about!"

Andy Barnes, Engineer, Bristol

"With the help of Move Well my right foot is feeling awesome! Although, my big toe is in shock with now having to actually behave. What a huge difference it's making and looking forward to seeing more improvements."

Vicky Weare, Engineer, Bristol

"Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what a difference you have already made, physically and emotionally! You’re amazing!"

Vikki Ellis, Mum, Bristol