Back Pain – these words can destroy a life. Gary Ward gives Dr Chatterjee, who suffered with back pain and who found help from Gary’s methodology , an amazingly inspirational and uplifting podcast on his purely simplistic insight into how the body moves and can be moved out of pain.

I’ve always found it hard to describe to people what it is that I actually do to help people MOVE out of PAIN and Injury. Years ago I started in Sports Massage, Personal Training before training as a Master Running Coach. I have since moved on from these tools, however I still very much use them as and when needed. Over the last 4 years I’ve become almost obsessed with how the body moves and have been lucky enough to learn and be mentored from this guy, Gary Ward . He was famously seen on BBC’s Dr in the House last year, and now the same Dr has interviewed Gary on his latest Podcast which I have attached – I would love you to share this with anyone who might be struggling to find solutions to pain in their bodies, as this will give them the hope they are looking for – that there is ALWAYS a way to MOVE yourself out of pain, if you just know where to look – Pain just tells us we have pain – it does not tell us where the problem lies. By understanding how our bodies work at a whole – finding solutions becomes more simple


Episode Highlights:

  • When did Gary discover his passion for feet?
  • How did Gary further his knowledge on anatomy and human movement?
  • Hear Gary’s philosophy on treating mechanical pain and what to look out for.
  • What was Gary’s lightbulb moment?
  • How does Gary’s course help different professionals such as personal trainers, GPs, physiotherapists, osteopaths and pilates instructors?
  • Hear how Gary discovered the root cause of pain for Dr Chatterjee’s patient on BBCs Doctor in the House
  • What do Gary & Rangan both believe is key to finding the root cause of pain & health concerns?

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"I've been to loads of physios over the years for sporting injuries - mountain biking, snowboarding, running. None of them are a patch on Sally. Rather than treating the symptoms Sally focuses on the root cause to fix the problem and stop it occurring again. I would heartily recommend Sally to anyone. I'm back able to do the things I love most which is what is all about!"

Andy Barnes, Engineer, Bristol

"With the help of Move Well my right foot is feeling awesome! Although, my big toe is in shock with now having to actually behave. What a huge difference it's making and looking forward to seeing more improvements."

Vicky Weare, Engineer, Bristol

"Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what a difference you have already made, physically and emotionally! You’re amazing!"

Vikki Ellis, Mum, Bristol