I’ve tried everything to get out of pain!!

The most common thing I hear from people who have ongoing injuries or long term pain that seemingly ‘won’t go away’.

I just heard these very words with a lady who has suffered chronic back pain for a long time. The pain had gotten so bad, even after all her efforts to solve the problem.

She had tried,  in her view, everything. Pilates, Physio, Chiro, Consultant, Swimming, Resting, Walking – not walking.

Scans were performed. Surgery on her back was the only option left for her. The last card left on the table.

A year of rehabilitation and strength work got her to a place of ‘pain free’ – at last!

Fast forward a year, and the back starts to grumble again.

The cycle starts over again. Trying everything. The same everything as before.

Walking for 15 minutes then needing to stop and sit down as the pain in her lower right back got bad became the norm. Normal to have to sit down every 15 minutes? How easy it is to perceive this as normal.

She was told to move more. Then told to rest more.

In her eyes, she had tried everything. Another scan?

When I assessed her it was very evident that she liked to bend her spine right and not left.

Now imagine that happening with every step you take walking. Spine likes to go one way and not the other.

Could I help her create a movement in her body that felt safe for her to side bend to the left?

Yes – it seemed we could. One movement. Getting the foot, hip, spine to connect and talk to each other in one movement. Giving a different experience to the brain on how she moves into her right leg.

The result of one exercise – “I feel like I’m walking differently”


She laughed – she said, ‘I thought I had tried everything’


‘Did you try that’?, I said




There is ALWAYS another solution. Never give up searching when things don’t seem to work to help you move out of pain.


It’s my belief that by understanding the fundamentals of human movement, we can all learn to move ourselves out of discomfort.




"I've been to loads of physios over the years for sporting injuries - mountain biking, snowboarding, running. None of them are a patch on Sally. Rather than treating the symptoms Sally focuses on the root cause to fix the problem and stop it occurring again. I would heartily recommend Sally to anyone. I'm back able to do the things I love most which is what is all about!"

Andy Barnes, Engineer, Bristol

"With the help of Move Well my right foot is feeling awesome! Although, my big toe is in shock with now having to actually behave. What a huge difference it's making and looking forward to seeing more improvements."

Vicky Weare, Engineer, Bristol

"Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what a difference you have already made, physically and emotionally! You’re amazing!"

Vikki Ellis, Mum, Bristol